Not a Baptist? No Problem!

We have “Baptist” in our name for two reasons:

Who Pays the Bills
Southern Baptists are the ones who pay for the hamburgers at the cookout and who subsidize the costs of Bible study books, retreats, and spring break mission trips. We’re by no means the biggest or the richest in Indiana, but we care about students. Little churches , some of whom can’t even afford a full-time pastor, give the little that they can, and it’s all put together to make this ministry possible.

Truth in Advertising
We’re fighting the trend to give everything a generic name. Call us old-fashioned, but we liked the old days when there was a phone company and a gas company and an electric company and you didn’t have to figure out which one was Vectren or Cinergy or Verizon. “Baptist” gives you some idea of what to expect — or not expect — from us. We’re not going to give you a list of things to do to work your way to Heaven. We are going to lift up Jesus as revealed in Scripture and attested to by the Holy Spirit.

We like to say that Baptist Collegiate Ministry is like Kentucky Fried Chicken. You don’t have to be from Kentucky to eat the chicken, and you don’t have to be Baptist to come to BCM!   We have people in our group who grew up in many different churches or even no church at all.   Jesus is the one who unites us.

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