“Unholey Soles”

“Unholey Soles”

A BCM collection drive for gently used shoes to raise money for summer missions and world hunger relief.

Frequently Asked Questions


What kind of shoes may be donated?

Anything in good condition.  We’ll take children’s shoes, adult shoes, flip-flops , heels, athletic shoes – anything that can be re-used.  It’s okay if they need to be polished or lightly cleaned, but they must be in good, wearable condition.  (No holes!)

What do we need to do to the shoes?

Just be sure they are paired.  Shoes with long laces may be loosely knotted together.  Everything else should be rubber-banded in pairs.  

When and where should shoes be turned in?

Bring them to the BCM any time. The BCM house is at 800 North 6th Street.  That’s across the railroad tracks, one block north of the ISU campus.  We’re on a triangular block bounded by Elm, 6th, and Lafayette.  There is parking behind our building and in the lot across the street south of the building.  If no one is there, just leave them on the porch.

What organization are you delivering the shoes to?

It’s a social enterprise called Funds2Orgs.  Social enterprises are businesses designed to tackle current, ongoing social problems and improve communities, individual life chances, and the environment. They earn money and function like any business, but work to make a bigger impact, often reinvesting their profits to make bigger changes. A social enterprise is an organization that applies commercial strategies to maximize improvements in human well-being instead of maximizing profits for external shareholders.  A social enterprise betters the world by creating jobs, reinvesting profits into communities, protecting the environment, and providing vital services.  The shoes are provided to people in the developing world who sell them to support their families.


How will BCM use the money they earn from this project?

It will be divided between summer missions and Syrian refugee relief.  Our summer missions program sends students to serve for the summer in North America and around the world.  They have to pay their own way to do this, so our summer missions offering helps them with the money they need for travel and living expenses on the field.  


Our hunger offering this year will go to Syrian refugee relief.  Due to the violence and turmoil in Syria , thousands of people are fleeing to surrounding countries. Most are leaving with few possessions and very limited ability to provide for their own basic needs. Baptist Global Response is helping thousands of desperate families who have fled the violence in Syria.  Our money is going to a school (which provides food) for children of displaced people in a refugee camp in the Middle East.




“Holy lives.  Unholey soles.” 

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