Seminary Database Project

BCM has put together a series of resources available to anyone considering attending a seminary.

This database is designed to help you compare various seminaries in the US on different factors. Using Excel, you are able to sort by the various factors: name, region, denomination/affiliation, price, degrees offered, unique characteristics/strengths, website, email, phone number, mailing address/physical location, availability of online courses/distance education, scholarships, on-campus enrollment, student-to-faculty ratio, application deadline, course catalog, and accredited by. (For instructions for sorting in Excel, click here)

You can download the Database of Seminaries at the following location: (Excel)


In the Word document “Degrees Offered” you will find an alphabetized list of the seminaries and graduate schools with an interactive table to view the specific degrees, specializations, & concentrations offered by each school.


The following series of Articles have also been compiled to help you in your research:


The Seminary Grad School allows people to compare, look up, and request information from 47 different seminaries from a variety of denominational backgrounds.


Here is a list of schools accredited by the Association of Theological Schools with facts about each school. You can view the schools alphabetically, by denomination, by geographic region, or see the schools with 6+ classes online.


Should you get a Master of Divinity or Master of Arts degree? This article from Indiana Wesleyan Seminary addresses this.

The Master’s Seminary has an article on Questions to Ask when considering seminary.

Trinity Evangelical Divinity School gives you 9 Questions to Consider when considering searching for a seminary.

Reformation21 has an article with things to look for when considering seminary.


Gordon-Conwell has a collection of articles that address why individuals should go to a seminary. There’s an article on questions to consider, another article on the difference between a theological seminary, divinity school, Bible college, and Bible institute.


The site “Going to Seminary” addresses why it is important to get a seminary education.


This article by Western Seminary addresses why people should go to seminary & if a seminary education is necessary.


Relevant Magazine has several articles that give reasons one should go to seminary and things to consider while deciding on a seminary.


The Gospel Coalition has several articles on why those interested in seminary should take the time to go to seminary and questions to ask yourself.


CRU Press Green has a wonderful article that looks at the differences between the difference degrees you can earn.


The Forum for Theological Exploration has resources for those interested in pursuing theological education.


The four regions (West, Midwest, South, Northeast) of the US for this database were based on this map.


(Research for the Seminary Database Project was made possible by a Theological Exploration of Vocation grant from the Lilly Foundation.)

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