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Thanks for checking out our page for the BCM Spring Fundraiser!


The video above gives the basic reasons for this particular fundraising endeavor. Our goal is to help us establish a brand new program for our ministry, The BCM Collegiate Residency Partnership. We have felt for some time now that our efforts to reach our campuses here in Terre Haute were lacking one major element. PEOPLE working with us on the mission! There are many possible ways to work toward building a larger team of people to accomplish the work God is calling us to here, but one of the opportunities we are passionate about is helping the next generation of student see the need to continue the work in reaching the college campus with the gospel. This is how the project has emerged in our imagination as a tremendous solution to a number of problems. Seeing our team grow, seeing young adults called out for ministry and mission, and bridging a gap for experience and education for recent graduates who want to explore their calling and grow in their knowledge and abilities in ministry, are all things we believe this project can accomplish.


There is much more we could share, and hope to in the coming months, but in order to launch this vision into action we need to fuel an already existing spark into a flame. For the past school year, Zach and Maggie Stuhr have served as interns with us, and they want to continue their journey with us in our inaugural year as we launch the residency!


So why do we need your help? Ministry isn't free, but you knew that already. We are looking to raise $20,000 through this fundraiser, both in one time gifts, and monthly support (which will add up over time). This will allow us to allow us to launch not only these two individuals this fall, but set the stage to expand the partnerships we hope will grow to include more ministries and local church involvement in the future. Follow the links below to set up your monthly gift, or make your one-time

(or annual) gift through our giving provider.

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